Bull Moose® Engineering

Our internal engineering and ISO 9001-certified fabrication resources can help move tubular products and applications from concept into production.

Engineering Services Include:

  • Material selection & sourcing
  • Product development consultation
  • Production assessment and planning

Fabrication Services Include:

  • Tube Laser Processing: of tube, angle and channel
  • Cut-to-Length: mill cut, Haven cut, band saw cut, cold saw cut
  • Swaging: mechanical expansion/reduction and other tube-end finishing
  • Piercing, Punching, Notching, Etching: via mechanical and/or hydraulic presses and lasers (as required)
  • CNC Bending: Horizontal Rotary Draw Bending up to 3” OD x .150 wall nominal and up to 5” OD (as required)
  • Bending: Press/Ram bending, as well as, Roll bending
  • Welding: MIG, TIG, both by hand and robotically.
  • Deburr: wire brush, vibratory, hand
  • Assembly: Full capability to assemble, kit and package

Material Choices Include:

  • Low-carbon steel
  • High strength, low alloy (HSLA)
  • Galvanized, both pre-coat and hot dip
  • Galvalume®
  • Swedish Steel Domex®
  • Aluminum, Stainless, Copper, Brass

Finishing Options Include:

  • E-Coat
  • Powder coat
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Nickel plate
  • Chrome plate
  • Zinc Die Chromate


  • CNC tube benders
  • BLM Adige high-speed fiber tube laser
  • Winton ram bender
  • Three-roll bending
  • Hydraulic end-forming
  • Presses from 50 ton to 250 ton
  • Robotic welding cells
  • Band saw and cold saws
  • Manual welding stations

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