For Exceptional Strength.

Helping clients in diverse industries overcome challenges in product development, cost control, and structural performance. How? By delivering products and services of exceptional strength.


About Caparo Bull Moose® 

Caparo Bull Moose combines a diversified manufacturing base with strong engineering expertise–helping a wide spectrum of customers overcome challenges in product development, cost control, and performance factors.

Dedication to innovation, transparency, reliability, and excellence powers Caparo Bull Moose. With these qualities propelling all aspects of our company, it’s no wonder why we work to be the fastest-growing player in every space.

Caparo Bull Moose: creating value for customers across a variety of fields, through manufacturing, engineering, and support services of exceptional strength.


In recent years, Caparo Bull Moose has acquired companies with complementary cultures and products – further expanding the value we bring to the marketplace.

Today, we remain committed to growing and investing in our businesses…building on our far-reaching heritage and culture.



Bull Moose® Tube is a subsidiary of Caparo Bull Moose, Inc. Founded in 1962, Bull Moose Tube boasts over 50 years of steadfast commitment to serving customers requiring steel pipe and tube. Our enduring commitment to quality, innovation and service has made us the fastest growing competitor in the market.

Our persistent commitment to quality is driven by our unique manufacturing method. Bull Moose forms tube directly from steel coil, eliminating a mother tube or prior stage process. This approach enables us to start with only the highest grade steel, create less scale, form sharper corners, craft the straightest tube, and make the most consistent welds. As a result of superior quality, we are the most reliable supplier of steel tube and pipe.

Choose Bull Moose for exceptional strength.

Through our  XL Specialized Trailers, we’re able to put our unsurpassed steel tubing to work in the form of muscular trailers for the heavy-haul trucking field.

XL’s advanced designs (including bottom dumps, slide axles, detachable goosenecks, and extendable decks) help perform extreme tasks within such industries as construction, agriculture, and oil & gas.

Whether towing earth-movers or transporting massive components for railroads and pipelines, the brawny trailers embody the convergence of our steel products and our engineering expertise. Perhaps most notably, XL trailers also showcase our innovations in lightweight, high-strength steel–technology that enables haulers to maximize their cargo on every load.


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